No So Different

Not So Different offers a humorous, relatable, and refreshingly honest glimpse into Shane Burcaw’s life. Shane tackles many of the mundane and quirky questions that he’s often asked about living with a disability, and shows readers that he’s just as approachable, friendly, and funny as anyone else.

Shane Burcaw

Shane Burcaw was born with a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy, which hinders his muscles’ growth. As a result, his body hasn’t grown bigger and stronger as he’s gotten older—it’s gotten smaller and weaker instead. This hasn’t stopped him from doing the things he enjoys (like eating pizza and playing sports and video games) with the people he loves, but it does mean that he routinely relies on his friends and family for help with everything from brushing his teeth to rolling over in bed. Shane has written three books: Not So Different; Laughing At My Nightmare; and Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse.

Matt Carr

Matt Carr is an award-winning visual storyteller with a background in photojournalism. His photography has been published in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone among other publications. After 10 years working in London and Prague, Matt now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their spirited 4-year-old daughter. In 2018, he and Matt shared the American Library Association’s Robert F. Sibert Medal for his work for Not So Different.